EuskalEtxeak. The web of and for the basque clubs

Historical memory

Objective: to recover documents concerning the history of Basque exile and migration by means of research, digitalization, photographs and oral testimonies.


Digital Urazandi

Compilation and digitalization of Basque magazines and periodicals published abroad from the 19th century.


OPress Office of Euzkadi

The digitalization of the publication “Oficina de prensa de Euzkadi” (Press Office of Euzkadi), official means of communication of the Basque Government in Exile (1947-1977)


Basque on the American Press

Digitalization of any kind of information related to the Basques that was published in the local newspapers of those cities where the Basque communities were established.


Asociacion Vasco Navarra de Beneficiencia

The archive of the Basque-Navarre Welfare Association of Havana.

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