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Digital Urazandi

The Digital Urazandi Project is an initiative of the Directorate of Relations with Basque Communities of the Basque Government. Its main purpose is to compile as many issues as possible of the different Basque magazines and periodical publications that were produced mostly in America, from the XIX century on. This complements the collection of books Urazandi, that gathers the history of the Basque Clubs.

Started in 2003 with the publication of the emblematic Buenos Aires based La Vasconia / Baskonia magazine and the documentary fund set up by Alberto Azua, Basque Government delegate in Mexico, the Urazandi digital collection was extended with the incorporation of the Basque American publications, the archive of the Basque-Navarre Welfare Association of Havana and the bulletin of the Press Office of Euzkadi that was edited in Paris by the Basque Government in exile.

Today, in a new stage, we incorporate the Basque publications that were edited in Europe (some American and African ones are also incorporated) putting together one hundred eighty-three headers arising from the Basque centers, commercial entities, institutes of education, political parties or the Basque Government, the latter usually through its delegations.

These almost two hundred thousand pages, published over a century in seventeen countries on three continents, give us the chance to rebuild the experiences, thoughts and hopes of those Basques who were forced to leave their land.

Urazandi digital pdf 59,82 Kb

The content of this program is accessible from here (updated to 2019).

Urazandi Digital Vol.I

Following it has been included a sample of the digitalized materials: 

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